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Little Branch | Inside House & Garden

The day that House and Garden came to shoot our new canvases we decided to create a living room evocative of the 1920s with a dash of seventies Boho grit thrown in. OK, maybe more than a dash. Anna was on her own for the shoot as Maree was battling the end days of school holidays…but as always the ideas and the fantasies and the palette were all on the same page.

Using our favourite photography prop, Anna’s mum’s Indian dowry chest from Bombay we started piling on the art noveau French enamel vases, the bibelot, the buds (thank you Grandiflora) and all the shades of green, lilac, purple and scarlet that echoed the big new art work in frame.

Off camera it looked mental. I mean really something like a forested hippie shrine but amazingly the image looked different through the view finder. I dug up a dress from the Trelise Cooper 2013 Spring Collection that looks exactly like Monet’s garden in Giverny (yes it is now on lay-by),  a pair of pale lavender Manolo Blahnik suede heels and some stunning Bunda jewels. Lucy McCabe was swift and light hearted but when the shot was ready I am sorry to say the nanny was gone and this uber style Queen had to hold the baby. That’s no way to treat an editor! But it was nap time and little Violet’s lace dress was itching her…and all the little mite wanted to do was climb on and off a fragile silk chair. Then John Paul Urizar, the photographer had to rush when this didn’t really work and then the cat didn’t want to be in the picture. Oh arkie you are so moody.

Just as soon as it had all began it was over and we sat down to cold coffee and cherry strudel and the flat was full of flowers and beautiful unworn dresses and two giant imposing Little Branch canvases. Oddly the abundance of it all started to look normal and I had a faintly Norma Desmond moment where I imagined I would be spending the fading dusk eating candied volets floating in champagne in a cool bath strewn with fresh orchids. But no. Instead I ran around putting fragile vases as high as I could and saving delicate blooms from the blazing heat. That Gatsby fellow had servants I believe.

The picture finally chosen by the magazine features an artwork that is a tiny bit larger than life but…it could be yours…Our canvas collection with Urban Road is so new that if word reaches us that people want their flowers big. Big they shall be..

Deep down I feel everyone has a little bit of twenties diva in her soul. That shoot had me reaching for my satin pyjamas and wishing the big white funky Grandiflora flower truck manned by Saskia and Grace was coming every Thursday. Big sigh. There is nothing more glamorous than a room full of lilac and delphinium with Louis Armstrong singing Ma Vie en Rose. Thank you House and Garden for featuring us on the Insider page in their bumper glorious Christmas issue and next time Maree it’s your turn to enshrine your front room or we (finally) get to be photographed together, in the same space in different dresses. Two Little Branchettes are always better than one.

The Little Branch for Urban Road canvas collection is available here.


House & Garden

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