silver pumps by Sophie Cox



That sometimes the photos and necklaces and art works and kid’s scrawls and love letters and vintage posters and polaroids and postcards we stick up on the walls of our house get stuck. Sometimes for what seems like decades?


We move furniture and change curtains and go mad with bed spreads and yet there is something strangely holy about what we place on the walls.

Well…for autumn, why not change all that and create new galleries in your house?


Start with the hallway. What have you got banging about other than umbrellas and a 60s chair? Make a story with images all in monochrome or lemon yellow? Get some vintage frames and paint them olive green. Mix watercolours and oils and plastic and newspaper.


Then look at the seriously grown-up rooms in your house. Is a single lonely image hanging them? Give it company. Make a happening. Be irreverent and give yourself a laugh. Change is energy. Your house is a visual sentence so make it a poem or a rude song. Blu tac and loud music put us in the mood to shift things around.And this isn’t the usual domestic grind of cleaning and clearing the decks. It’s art darling…your way.

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