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Meet Our Stockist, Little Paper Lane

We chat to the our talented stockist, Jayde from Little Paper Lane about where her stationery obsession came from and the exciting journey she has been on.

Share with us the story of how Little Paper Lane came to life. 

I think owning a shop has always been a little pipe dream I had. In my previous job as a nanny, my boss had a couple of shops and I was always so blown away with everything she did. My son was 3 and the kids I nannied were getting too old for a nanny so it was time for me to move on. I just remember sitting at the beach with my friend Chris and we were talking about what we would do if we could do any job and money was no object. I told him I wanted a stationery shop because I have always been obsessed with stationery and he said well you could totally do it…and I was like yeh I totally can! When I want to do something and I know its going to be great I’m the most motivated human alive.

When did your love for beautiful stationery begin? 

When I was little my mum said I was always collecting stationery. One of my earliest memories was when my Nan and Pop took me to Cardiology and let me buy a wooden stamp and rainbow ink pad, which took me SO LONG to decide on. My Pop saw how happy I was and snuck me back the next day to buy me more stamps. It was the best thing ever. I also used to spend my pocket money on fury stickers and scratch n sniff stickers.

What is one of the major things you’ve learnt since starting Little Paper Lane?

Retail is hardcore! I think I assumed the hard part would be picking the right products to sell. However, I soon discovered that I have a pretty good skill when it comes to knowing the markets and picking the right designers and products. Although, dealing with accounts and chain stores who are just killing the small shops by copying them, is really hard. You also work more hours than any job before and you have to learn quite quickly how to survive off making no money as every cent goes into the business. It’s a hard job to take on when its your own business, but I love it.

How would you describe your style in three words?


Why is it important more than ever to support local Australian businesses?

Well because the world is very beige when we only support mass produced overseas chain stores. Local businesses help with community things like sports teams and local craft clubs, and we are the ones that provide the awesome gift hamper to your local raffles that then use the money to help their clubs or charities. I recently read a quote which rings so true to small local businesses ‘I gave you $10 and he gave you $20. You felt he was better because he gave you more. But he had $2000 all I had was $10.’ It’s all about perspective. Big business has a lot to give. And thats awesome when they do, but for a small business to contribute to their community it comes straight out of their pocket. Thats what I love about local businesses. They just seem to be more generous with their communities for the love of it. For us it means not only helping us keep the kids fed but we also support Aussie designers who then support local printers and its a beautiful little ripple. Aussie businesses provide colour and individuality. It’s important to keep that alive.

What are your favourite pieces from the Little Branch collection?

I’m obsessed with the Emma Blomfield collaboration collection. It’s so totally Little Branch but because I know Emma as well its so totally her too. It was a perfect marriage of design. Every single wrap that Little Branch makes is always stunning and I can’t go past a card ever! So I guess like EVERYTHING. Im not good with favourites.

Walking into your store instantly brightens our day, so what exciting new products have you got in store for us to shop this month? 

I’ve introduced Stoned Crystals and various other crystals to the store, which seem to be a hit. I love the idea of paper gifts with crystals, it’s like they are meant to be best friends. So Im excited to see where the road takes us, but it smells amazing in there with candles and incense, it looks gorgeous and it feels beautiful to touch everything and we always play music. The only thing you can’t do in there with your senses is eat it 😉 But I’m obsessed with having a candy store so stay tuned…you may be able to eat something in there one day too 😉

Visit Little Paper Lane online at or

pop in store at Shop 5, 1 Waratah Street, Mona Vale NSW 2103.

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Meet Our Stockist, Gifts at Teacup

We chat to the lovely, Tahnee from Gifts at Teacup about her quirky way of selecting new products for the store, supporting Australian made brands and what her favourite pieces from the Little Branch collection are.

Tahnee’s talented sister, Maddison Rogers, created the beautiful illustrations featured throughout Emma Blomfield’s book, HOME and some of the Little Branch x Emma Blomfield luxury stationery collection. 


Where did the Teacup Designs journey begin? 

I walked past a ‘For Rent’ window & simply thought to myself  ‘I can do that’. I was working in finance at the time but dabbled in handmade jewellery on the side and wanted somewhere to showcase my designs. Teacup Designs and now as we are known ‘Gifts at Teacup’ grew from there…

What are your favourite products in store at the moment? 

Anything handmade and Australian made! We stock over 30 Australian made jewellery and stationery brands and I love supporting small business.

Where do you draw your inspiration from when selecting new products for the store?

I am a navy lover at heart and that’s generally where I draw my inspiration from.

What are your favourite pieces from the Little Branch collection?

The Little Branch x Emma Blomfield Collection – The gorgeous navy floral is my pick! (My sister painted most of the designs so I am a little bias).

If you could be pen pals with anyone in the world, who would it be? 

I’m lost for an answer! However, I certainly appreciate a hand written note.


Shop the Gifts At Teacup collection online or visit their store at -116 McDowall St, Roma QLD 4455

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Meet Our Stockist, This Old House

We absolutely love This Old House, can you tell us a little bit about the store and how it all started? 

I discovered a passion for furniture revamping and upcycling when faced with my new home full of 90s pine furniture, not wanting to spend thousands to purchase all new pieces I decided to try my hand at giving it all a new look. Blown away with the results, my passion grew and developed as I began to buy and sell pieces I had upcycled and also started taking on custom work. This Old House Studio was launched in September 2015 as a ‘pop-up’ shop in Nowra on the south coast of NSW offering Australian made furniture paint and furniture finishes, painting and upcycling supplies, how-to workshops, and a range of homewares and furnishings with a focus on Australian made and locally made products. Running the workshops is so important to me as I get to share my passion and provide participants with the tips, tricks, techniques and confidence to achieve their vision for their own projects. In January 2017 I relocated the studio to an amazing heritage listed cottage in the heart of beautiful Berry, closer to home for me, where we have a gorgeous light-filled studio and sun drenched workshop space. I couldn’t be happier.

What inspires you to support Australian made brands? 

From the very beginning I experimented with many different furniture paints and finishes. Popular brands in Australia at the time included many imported products which I had concerns about regarding their environmental credentials and human health impacts. I discovered that we had some amazing manufacturers of chalk-based furniture paints in Australia, who were focussed not only on producing beautiful products to use but also products that were fully eco-approved, environmentally friendly and safe to use. I am a proud stockist of ‘L’ESSENTIEL Australia’ and ‘Mezzie and Frank’ paints, waxes and furniture finishing products – all 100% Australian owned and Australian made. I also support as many Australian made and particularly locally made homewares, craft, gift and soft furnishing producers as possible. I think it is vitally important to buy Australian made and owned, shop local and be environmentally conscious.

We love the idea of transforming pieces of furniture with our wrapping paper designs. Where do you get your creative ideas from to make over each piece of furniture? 

Using wrapping paper to ‘decorate’ a piece of furniture is a technique often called ‘papering’ or ‘decoupage’. We use Little Branch wrapping papers to line the insides of drawers in dressers and wardrobes for a ‘pop’ of colour and also cover painted drawer fronts with complementing paper for a stunning and unique look. Each furniture piece is treated as unique and its story or history, shape and form will determine the colours and finishes we use – no two pieces are the same! Often the vision we have for a piece ends up nothing like the final product as the piece speaks to us through its behaviour while we work on it which dictates the direction we have to take. Each piece is a creative journey!

Your store is located in the beautiful town of Berry. Do you find yourself drawing inspiration from the architecture and nature surrounding you? 

Painting in our beautiful light-filled workshop space every day is an absolute joy. The reaction of visitors when they enter the front door of our little cottage is one of wonder and delight and many customers reminisce about furniture pieces they recall in their grandparents homes or as children. Being part of an amazing community like Berry is wonderful, rich in history and beautiful in nature. The gorgeous wrapping papers by Little Branch reflect the natural environment which surrounds Berry and inspires the use of stunning blues and greens in our paint colours and revealing gorgeous natural timbers on our furniture pieces.

Which is one of your favourite designs from the Little Branch collection? 

I don’t think I could pick just one! If I absolutely have to narrow it down I would say ‘Rainbow Puddles’ is a favourite – I love the vibrant colours and the feeling of absolute fun in this print – it is perfect teamed with the vibrancy of the Australian lifestyle inspired colour palette of the Mezzie and Frank Chalk Effects paint. My other favourite would be ‘Gum Nut’ which is so rich and warm feeling – this print is gorgeous with the natural earthy colours of the L’ESSENTIEL Botanics Furniture Paint range.

If you could renovate any piece of furniture what would it be? 

I think I’ve almost revamped nearly every piece of furniture there is haha! I do admit to wishing I had more free time to paint. Opening 7 days a week means there is a limit to how much time I get to ‘play’ with painting for fun just at home in my studio as I once used to. Also, I don’t have time to travel out to clients homes any more to do custom work which means I haven’t had the opportunity to paint something like a kitchen or laundry for a couple of years. I have had a few workshop participants tackle their own kitchens which I have been so pleased and proud of their achievements but I’d love to have time to make over a kitchen myself again one day. The transformation from a sea of boring brown to something light, bright and clean is so amazing.

Is there anything exciting coming up for This Old House?

We always have LOTS of new and exciting things coming up! We are running our ‘BYO Furniture Painting’ workshops all year round as well as our ‘Decorative Finishes’ workshop series where we teach participants lots of tricks like decoupage using wrapping papers from Little Branch. We love having local artists and makers use the workshop space for lots of different activities. We currently have local makers running workshops on making Kokedama (Japanese moss ball plants) on 21st and 26th April, a Free Form Fibre Art workshop on 6th May , a Drop Spindle Workshop on 3rd June, kids workshops on 13th and 20th April, art workshops in September and basketry workshops also later in the year! So lots happening!

Discover more about This Old House online at or by visiting in store at 81 Queen Street, Berry NSW 2535.