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Meet Our Stockist, Little Paper Lane

We chat to the our talented stockist, Jayde from Little Paper Lane about where her stationery obsession came from and the exciting journey she has been on.

Share with us the story of how Little Paper Lane came to life. 

I think owning a shop has always been a little pipe dream I had. In my previous job as a nanny, my boss had a couple of shops and I was always so blown away with everything she did. My son was 3 and the kids I nannied were getting too old for a nanny so it was time for me to move on. I just remember sitting at the beach with my friend Chris and we were talking about what we would do if we could do any job and money was no object. I told him I wanted a stationery shop because I have always been obsessed with stationery and he said well you could totally do it…and I was like yeh I totally can! When I want to do something and I know its going to be great I’m the most motivated human alive.

When did your love for beautiful stationery begin? 

When I was little my mum said I was always collecting stationery. One of my earliest memories was when my Nan and Pop took me to Cardiology and let me buy a wooden stamp and rainbow ink pad, which took me SO LONG to decide on. My Pop saw how happy I was and snuck me back the next day to buy me more stamps. It was the best thing ever. I also used to spend my pocket money on fury stickers and scratch n sniff stickers.

What is one of the major things you’ve learnt since starting Little Paper Lane?

Retail is hardcore! I think I assumed the hard part would be picking the right products to sell. However, I soon discovered that I have a pretty good skill when it comes to knowing the markets and picking the right designers and products. Although, dealing with accounts and chain stores who are just killing the small shops by copying them, is really hard. You also work more hours than any job before and you have to learn quite quickly how to survive off making no money as every cent goes into the business. It’s a hard job to take on when its your own business, but I love it.

How would you describe your style in three words?


Why is it important more than ever to support local Australian businesses?

Well because the world is very beige when we only support mass produced overseas chain stores. Local businesses help with community things like sports teams and local craft clubs, and we are the ones that provide the awesome gift hamper to your local raffles that then use the money to help their clubs or charities. I recently read a quote which rings so true to small local businesses ‘I gave you $10 and he gave you $20. You felt he was better because he gave you more. But he had $2000 all I had was $10.’ It’s all about perspective. Big business has a lot to give. And thats awesome when they do, but for a small business to contribute to their community it comes straight out of their pocket. Thats what I love about local businesses. They just seem to be more generous with their communities for the love of it. For us it means not only helping us keep the kids fed but we also support Aussie designers who then support local printers and its a beautiful little ripple. Aussie businesses provide colour and individuality. It’s important to keep that alive.

What are your favourite pieces from the Little Branch collection?

I’m obsessed with the Emma Blomfield collaboration collection. It’s so totally Little Branch but because I know Emma as well its so totally her too. It was a perfect marriage of design. Every single wrap that Little Branch makes is always stunning and I can’t go past a card ever! So I guess like EVERYTHING. Im not good with favourites.

Walking into your store instantly brightens our day, so what exciting new products have you got in store for us to shop this month? 

I’ve introduced Stoned Crystals and various other crystals to the store, which seem to be a hit. I love the idea of paper gifts with crystals, it’s like they are meant to be best friends. So Im excited to see where the road takes us, but it smells amazing in there with candles and incense, it looks gorgeous and it feels beautiful to touch everything and we always play music. The only thing you can’t do in there with your senses is eat it 😉 But I’m obsessed with having a candy store so stay tuned…you may be able to eat something in there one day too 😉

Visit Little Paper Lane online at or

pop in store at Shop 5, 1 Waratah Street, Mona Vale NSW 2103.

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Little Branch x Leina Broughton Print Collaboration

We’re always surprised by the creative connections you make when you least expect it. Last year at the Melbourne Cup, our Creative Director, Maree Oaten met the amazing Leina Broughton, when Maree just happened to be wearing Leina Broughton’s Stella Dress in Peony. The connection was instant and it wasn’t long before a collaboration was born. 

The collaboration started with Leina pulling together her inspiration and collating design ideas that would work with the upcoming seasons. Leina was inspired to work with splash and marble prints, so from there Maree went through her library of work in progress to see if there was a common starting ground. 

The splash (ink and gunmetal) was a perfect starting point and from there Leina began to play with season relevant colour backgrounds and altered the scale for each. Once the prints were selected, these were sent off to the fabric printers and the production process began. 

We’re so excited to share with you the final pieces which you can now shop online. 


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Get The Look: Mother’s Day Wrapping Guide

With Mother’s Day next weekend, the Little Branch team got wrapping to create a selection of looks that reflect your Mum’s own unique style. Give your gift a touch of love with these three wrapping looks to choose from and what’s even better is that you can shop the looks online and have them delivered to your doorstep.


What you need:


What you need:


What you need: