DIY Christmas Bon Bons

Whether you're looking for a festive DIY Christmas activity to enjoy with your children or you love the idea of authentic home-made decorations. These Little Branch Bon Bons will make for a memorable addition to your Christmas Day and can be done in 3 simple steps. 
What you will need:
- Little Branch wrapping paper
- Empty toilet paper roll 
- Small prize to include inside 
- Twine or ribbon 
- Scissors 
- Sticky tape 
Select your wrapping paper- you may want to use just one design and keep it uniform or you can mix it up using different wrapping paper to create different styles. 
Once you've selected your wrapping paper, cut each piece into (roughly) 30cm x 10cm pieces and you can trim the edges at the end!
Grab your empty toilet roll and insert your toy, prize, lolly or message. Use your wrapping paper and roll it around your paper roll as shown. Then sticky-tape along the edges to hold it in place.
Find both ends of the toilet-roll through the wrapping paper and scrunch at both ends. Use your string or ribbon to securely tie the ends in place. Trim the edges of the handles if they look a little too long. 
Then you can present your creation on top of your Christmas dish or displayed as festive decorations around the home. Be sure to tag us in your photo on Christmas Day to share your Bon Bon designs with us!

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