Meet Our New Team Member, Jinks, The Puppy

The Little Branch Team

Name: Jinks

Age: 12 weeks

Breed: Labradoodle – Brown Merle

Favourite Toy: Oh the decisions!! Well if it’s snuggle time I like cuddle up with my Green Sheep or Squeaky Duck. If I am feeling like I need to do a bit of exercise I like to chase the tennis ball or a wahu soccer ball around and if my new teeth are giving me a few troubles there is nothing better than a spiky rubber toy to chew on (I am trying to reign in my nibbling tendencies on ankles). I must say I am rather spoilt in my options here!

What I love about being part of the Little Branch team: I get to be around some lovely humans, some super sweet design.

My jobs in the office are: PA – Assistant to the creative director and “director of studio happiness”.

Keeping the Boss Lady organised and relaxed. I make sure she has regular breaks from the computer and get her outside to have a stretch and I also remind her when it is time to eat. As her sounding board for new ideas, I have great listening skills and I also inspect all deliveries and quality control all products. How she did this without me baffles the mind!

My personality in three words: Cheeky, gentle and adorable.

I wish my doggie pen pal was: I haven’t been around long but I think I would get along well with Ben (Dr Kate’s pooch.) I think he would have lots of great advice to share, has a keen eye for design ( and great taste. Also Alfie (Emma Blomfield’s BFF). He is one smooth Mini Schnauzer dude.Emma Blomfield’s BFF). He is one smooth Mini Schnauzer dude.

Dream Vet: Dr Kate Adams in Sydney but Dr Shaun looks after me well up here on the Gold Coast

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