Meet Our Stockist, Boxes and Bows

Meet our Stockists

We chat to our lovely stockists, Jane & Sue of Boxes and Bows about what inspired them to create their gift shop and their creative tips on making your gift wrapping that little bit extra special. So now it's time to grab your favourite cup of tea and sit back to enjoy reading our latest blog post. 
1. What inspired you to create Boxes & Bows?
20 years ago we were both young mums and didn't want to return to the corporate world. So on a spontaneous whim, we decided to start up our own gift shop. Little did we know we would still be having as much fun. 
2. What do you love about wrapping presents for loved ones?
Loved ones are usually wrapped the worst! But we both love putting in the extra effort especially to each other to show off a new technique! Tying something little on with the ribbon makes such a difference and creates a sense of excitement for the real present if there is something meaningful on show. Even if it's just their favourite chocolate. 
3. Any tips for those wanting to add something special to their gift wrapping?
Take the time and care to trim excess paper, fold the edges neatly and finish off the ribbon with a few flowers from the garden. You don't need a colourful garden, leaves are great but so are herbs and they make the present smell interesting too! Wrapping can be a lot of fun and it doesn't take a lot of time to be creative. 
4. What are your favourite pieces from the Little Branch collection?
We just love the cards and wrap. They make any gift look special. The hardest thing is deciding which one. Combining two very different patterns can make for a really dramatic looking present. 
5. If you could receive a Birthday card from anyone in the world who would it be?
We are both past the handmade cards from kinder so for both of us a card from our children is a rarity so always special!
We'd love to invite you to visit their beautiful store at 15 Waltham Street, 
Sandringham, Victoria 3191 or you can also connect with them on Facebook
If you would like to become a Little Branch stockist yourself please feel free to send us an email as we would love to hear from you -

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