Wrapping For The Festive Season

With the festive season almost upon us, it seems the perfect time to unravel your gift wrapping imagination and pull something together that will make for a gift that impresses before it has even been opened!
Unleash The Creative & Stop Playing Safe 
Are you bored of wrapping your gifts like everyone else? Finally, someone with a creative streak who is ready to step outside the box! We love people like you and that's why we believe in mixing and matching various colours and prints to create the ultimate present. A simple tip to get started is to choose 2-3 different prints, of the same colour palette.
Pair Prints With Matching Finishing Touches 
For this bundle, we chose wrapping paper in designs which you wouldn't usually put together. However, by adding the same finishing touch with ribbon, we were able to deliver the perfect quirky look. 
Mixing Modern With Tradition 
This combination of wrapping paper designs highlights a sophisticated mix of elegance and vintage. The contemporary wrapping paper is paired with a traditional twine, which adds a layer of texture to the look. 
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