Elise Maree

Elise Maree Fehr | Calgary, Canada

Art has always been written all over my heart.

From as early as I can remember I have always loved any form of it. Whether it was helping Dad paint
the lounge room walls, which obviously meant painting our family portrait on them, not just one neutral
colour right?

Or whether it was asking Mum to buy me those books, the ones with the lines on the left hand side and the blank pages on the right hand side so I could write stories and illustrate their matching picture. I made a way for art and creativity to always be in my everyday.

All through high school I took art and was lucky enough to be selected in grade 11 to attend an intensive workshop at the National Art School in Sydney. I feel like this was an opportunity that really grew me in confidence as an artist and helped set me up for my final year in high school having art as one of my majors.

In my final year of high school I applied for a scholarship at School of Creative Arts in Sydney that would begin the following year and to my absolute delight I won, I actually was so shocked, but so thrilled!

For the next 3 years I studied Visual Arts at School of Creative Arts in Sydney, graduating in 2009. It was here that I felt like I truly found my place in the world and what I was meant to do with my one and only wonderful life.

During my studies I was a part of a collection of art shows at Mary Place Gallery in Paddington and at the end of my final year I curated my very first solo exhibition as part of my final grade. It was at Blank Space Gallery in Surry Hills and that was one of the greatest things I’ve ever done to date.

Since then my work has been displayed at The Finders Keepers market, as well as being housed and displayed in some of my favourite local Sydney stores like Pulp Creative Paper, Paper2 and Portobello Rose.

In 2010 I moved across the world to Canada and have jumped about a few cities over here for the last 7 years. However I now have found myself back in Calgary Alberta (the mountains are basically in my back yard) here with my wonderful Hubby Grant.

So now I just have my little studio set up in a corner of our little suite and am focusing on my art fulltime and being a sweet little housewife.

I want to create art for the rest of my life that carries people away and that tells them of marvelous and wonderful things. I want people to experience such joy and delight when they see my art.


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