About Us

Little Branch celebrates the art and beauty of connecting with others. Artistically expressed and considerately hand crafted in Australia using only responsibly sourced paper, our artisan cards, wrapping paper and art prints spread joy for all occasions.

Little Branch was created in April 2010 by Maree Oaten & Anna Johnson. Creative collaborators with a long-standing friendship, we designed books together, collaborated between London and New York and when we both found ourselves back in Sydney, started a paper line.

Re-launched in 2015 with both our classics and new works, Maree is now the sole director and creative force at Little Branch. All of the celebrated signatures of Little Branch carry on: the presence of watercolour, the scrambling faint lines of pencil, the importance of original art. Little Branch thrives on the presence of the handmade, of touch and the natural moments of chaos and indecision in the act of drawing.

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