Meet our Artist, Lady Brndi AKA Brandi Hughes

Lady-Brndi-Brandi-HughesBorn and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. Brandi Hughes has been calling Australia home since 2014. Brandi’s work’s inspiration lies in stillness, nature, moody colour palettes and sounds. She is likely found in her Melbourne studio immersed in the natural sunlight with an audience of houseplants, hand-thrown ceramics, her cat Louie Bellson, a warm cup of coffee and her latest painting.

What is the inspiration behind the collection? 

The honest inspiration behind the ‘Fragments Of Growth’ collection happened after my Mum attempted suicide for the second time. It was the hardest season I’ve needed to journey through but it has also been the most profound and awakening chapter of my life. Slowly my family started to heal and I began developing this series in my head. It wasn’t until I finished the painting called ‘Imperfect’ that I realised this was going to be a collection of paintings I would want to release. I am allowing this series to form as I create it because it is a representation of the personal journey I am on. For me, this series represents growth, healing, maturing, a refined understanding of what my true values are and how that will evolve.

What was your favourite part of creating this collection? 

The moments when I fail, try again, fail again, start over again and finally have breakthrough then I get to take a step back from it all and see the stages that each painting goes through to get to where it ends up. That feeling of accomplishment, and showing myself that my craft and capability continues to grow if I put the hard work in is so rewarding. I absolutely love it!

How do you hope people feel when they see the new collection? 

However they want, whether they simply like the look of it or it speaks to them in whatever way they need. I know how it makes me feel but I don’t expect that to translate to many people. There is a strong sense of contrast and mood in each painting, and I think that can invite certain emotions if that’s what the viewer wants. 

What inspired you to work with Little Branch? 

I got really really lucky and sort of gently collided with Little Branch by accident, and naturally formed a great relationship. It just all happened at the right time; I couldn’t be more grateful to have the help of Little Branch guiding me along on this new journey as I step into this new chapter with my artwork. 

What are some of the techniques/materials you used to create the artworks?

I usually start by very very lightly drawing out the picture on paper with pencil and once I am happy with the drawing and how it all sits on the page I then start putting down the first layer of paint and slowly build it up from there. I use watercolours and occasionally watercolour inks on a heavy grade watercolour paper.

Tell us a little bit about your journey as an artist

I was raised in a house with a strong sense of creativity. My father is a musician, singer/songwriter while my mother was in the performing arts in her earlier days. So from around the age of 7 I started showing a real interest in art. I was enroled in every art class possible at school, I just wanted to try everything and learn as much as I could. I have dabbled in sculpture, ceramics, photography, sewing, drawing and painting. 

Painting has always been the foremost way for me to express my creativity however occasionally my ceramics, or drawings become the main focus. I often find importance in expressing myself through different creative outlets. This allows me to return to painting with a clear head. I often crave and seek out change, while others try to avoid it. It’s really important for me to change things up now and then or else I start to get a little stir crazy.


The ‘Fragments of Growth’ collection is available as Gift Cards, Wrapping Paper and Art Prints ranging in sizes A3 – A0 and proudly designed and made in Australia.


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